Biomass, Biogas, Biomethane

EnviroSense provides services to companies with regards to the sustainability requirements of the Renewables Obligation, Renewables Heat Incentive in addition to any specific sustainability requirements of potential customers if a non-UK generating station. This includes, but is not limited to consultancy for:

  • Feedstock assessments
  • Wood biomass ‘Category B’ information gathering and independent assessment
  • Greenhouse Gas lifecycle assessments for wood and non-wood biomass
  • Sustainability management systems for electricity and heat generating stations claiming the RHI and ROCs involving fuel accounting and mass balance systems, accounting for GCV and heat contributions of fuels, fuel sampling and reporting sustainability to Ofgem
  • Support with Fuel Measurement and Sampling (FMS) questionnaires, particularly the sustainability requirements

EnviroSense are particularly well versed with the land criteria for wood biomass which must meet the new Renewables Obligation Order 2015 and the Non-Domestic Renewables Heat Incentive 2015. Both amendments in legislation in the criteria in the Timber Standard for Heat and Electricity (see our resources page for downloads), or simply call us directly to discuss and gain further insight.