ISO 14001 and Environmental Management Systems

What are Environmental Management Systems?

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a system implemented throughout an organisation to constantly assess environmental performance and reduce environmental impacts in a systematic, cost effective way. As many of the goals of an EMS are associated with waste reductions and system efficiency, using an EMS can have significant positive impacts streamlining your business and reducing costs.

Why use an Environmental Management System?
Organisations use Environmental Management Systems for a range of reasons: to reduce costs, to ensure compliance with legislation, to advertise their environmental credentials, and to reduce the environmental impact of their organisation. One of the most recognized systems is ISO 14001, the International Standards Organisation’s standard for Environmental Management Systems. ISO 14001 is a way to demonstrate to shareholders clearly that you have an effective environmental management system.

The ISO 14001 certification is a voluntary standard for Environmental Management. It does not set requirements for environmental performance; it sets up a framework for a company to reduce its environmental impacts. The certification is an easy way to communicate that an organisation has an independently verified environmental management system in place, which is important for both shareholder and regulator confidence in your operations.

What Services do we provide?

EnviroSense has extensive experience helping organisations of all sizes implement Environmental Management Systems. Whether you need help with setting up an EMS or preparing for an EMS assessment against standards such as ISO 14001, we can provide the support you need to be successful.

Our approach to ISO 14001 is to conduct an initial environmental review to ascertain basic legal requirements, environmental initiatives, suitable persons to be involved and tasks to be undertaken. EnviroSense’s skilled team can evaluate aspects and impacts of your organisation and plan objectives and targets, which will maximise results and develop the documentation required for certification.