ISO 9001 Quality Management

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management systems.  The standard has the tools and management practices required to ensure that customer specifications for quality are consistently met in the products and services your company provides. An ISO 9001 Certification means that an accredited auditor has verified you meet the requirements of the standard. ISO is the International Standards Organisation, they maintain the standard, but do not do the certification.

Why do you need ISO 9001?

• Gain access to new business – Many companies require assurances that best practices are in place prior to commencing work with a new company. An ISO 9001 certification is one such endorsement that is recognised throughout the world. ISO 9001:2008 has been implemented by over one million organisations in 176 countries (International Standards Organisation 2010).

• Improve Current Process – ISO 9001 can be used to develop effective and efficient processes, drive improvements and assess how well your company is performing. The establishment of key processes to monitor and analyse enables management to make decisions on gathered data. An ISO 9001 certification confirms that you should have the tools in place to continually improve your business.

Develop Better Business Practices ISO 9001 procedures and practices can have many benefits to your day-to-day operations, including:
• Developing strategic policies and objectives;
• Improving internal and external communications;
• Gaining greater understanding of the company processes and reducing inefficiency;
• Developing metrics or indicators for key processes to monitor performance;
• Clearer responsibilities and authorities agreed for all employees;
• Improving the use of resources;
• Reducing wastage;
• Greater consistency and traceability of products and services.

Are there benefits to combining ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification?

Yes. There are several requirements in ISO 9001 that relate directly to ISO 14001 requirements. Combining both certifications may save time and avoid duplication of effort on those overlaps. It could also save you money on the certification.

What services does EnviroSense provide?
We offer services to help implement ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and/or ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems in organisations of any size. We also can provide a third party review of your systems prior to inspection to help your organisation prepare. Our mantra of keep it simple enables us to focus on the key objectives towards getting you certified. Our experience in a diverse range of businesses means we bring the expertise required to both help you achieve these certifications and potentially bring you efficiency savings in the process.

For questions about how we can help your business with Quality Management, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

ISO 9001 Information