Biomass Suppliers List

Biomass Suppliers List

If you do not source from the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) and your company has an installation under 1MWth and claims the Renewables Heat Incentive (RHI), then your company will need to submit an application to the BSL. Applications to the Biomass Suppliers List should have been made and approved by the 5th of October and it is apparent that unfortunately many companies are leaving this until the last moment.

Be aware that resources at Gemserv, the administrators of the Biomass Suppliers List, are limited. Your company is well advised to start immediately if an application has not been made. This urgent action required also applies if your company is a Self-Supplier as a Fuel Measurement and Sampling  (FMS) Questionnaire may be required to be completed.

Biomass Suppliers List and retrospective approval on fuels

It is possible to show retrospectively that fuel used in the previous period starting from October 5th has in fact been sustainable. To do this, authorisation from the Biomass Suppliers List prior to your company submitting RHI claims and sold evidence will be required. Your company needs authorisation for both the Land Criteria and GHG Criteria to ensure savings have been met and fuels are sustainable.

To reiterate the point – if your company has not started assessing the sustainability of the fuels it uses in an installation where the RHI is claimed, your company is best advised to do this immediately.

If your company produces biomethane for injection into gas supplies then this falls out of the scope of the Biomass Supplier List as does any installation ≥1MW. Installations of ≥1MW require an annual sustainability audit. The audit is often referred to as a ‘Ofgem Sustainability Audit’ (see our services:

Biomass Suppliers List

If your company needs to comply urgently, please do contact us to help your company gain authorisation for the fuel used in claiming the RHI.

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