EnviroSense Addresses PEFC Tech Conference

As part of PEFC Forest Certification Week in November an international conference was held in Helsinki exploring the potential of data, innovation and technology within forest certification. Blockchain technology was one topic. Director of EnviroSense Robin Askey was one of the keynote innovation speakers at this conference that covered everything from satellite monitoring of forest resources with your smartphone to auditing using drones. Not only were the lectures an excellent way to increase your knowledge but  it added a great surprise at the end of the conference.  Directors from the participating organizations decided to give out three free iPhone x as part of a raffle to promote the importance of having advanced technology at your fingertips. Robin’s address ‘Demystifying blockchain’ was very well received by attendees from all sides of the industry – from forestry management to government organisations and led to lively debate on what the future holds. EnviroSense’s work with PEFC International and investigating blockchain and distributed ledger technology puts us at the forefront of these advances. With the potential to revolutionise the way certification operates staying informed and primed to exploit any technological advantages is vital. You can see the slides from Robin’s presentation here PEFC Forest Certification Week and learn more about options for new technology including blockchain.

Other speakers at the conference included,  “Eyes on the Forest’ by Dr Lopatin from the Institute of Forestry in Finland to achieving better transparency and assurances with bespoke approaches by  Darren Thomas CEO of Double Helix. The breadth of the topics ranged from mapping, technological innovations, augmenting chain of custody system systems to creating peace and prosperity through the convergence of ecology and economy (David Plattner – Rantrust). PEFC ran workshops on SMART solutions for strengthening trust and traceability throughout value chains, SMART solutions for engaging and leveraging society for sustainable forestry and SMART solutions for activity efficient and accessible sustainable forest management certification.

EnviroSense continues to work with organisations on exploring what blockchain might mean for the industry and the implications it may have.

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