Environmental Compliance Audits

Why Use an External Company for Environmental Compliance
There are three reasons why an external company should be preferable not withstanding budget constraints, to conduct an environmental compliance audit: impartiality, experienced assessors and external assurance.

The purpose of environmental compliance audits conducted by EnviroSense is to identify your companies legal obligations and evaluate your companies actual environmental compliance with applicable legal obligations. Legal compliance is a must for all businesses and environmental legal compliance is one aspect of that. By bringing in an audit team periodically, you can proactively reduce your risks of non-compliance and prevent incidents before they occur.

Environmental legislation is relatively complicated as statutory instruments (SIs) are made in a variety of forms that include orders, regulations or separately at a European level – Directives to the EU Member States. SIs are essentially secondary legislation that enable provisions in an Act to be changed or brought into force without having to pass a new Act.

As a consequence, legal obligations may be repeated in an Act of a variety of SIs, hence there is a degree of overlap when determining an accurate Register of Legislation used for environmental compliance evaluations, for example, Duty of Care is mentioned in multiple statutory instruments and the Environmental Protection Act 1990. External certification body auditors who often do not have experience of the legislative process and are often devoid of experience in the environmental sector and overlook this issue of SI repetition.


Why EnviroSense?
Personnel with over 20 years experience in auditing in the environmental sector and in particular the paper, pulp, biomass, wood and chemical industry, EnviroSense is a trusted and established environmental audit partner. EnviroSense’s intention is to add value and simplify environmental matters to enable the client to understand their legal obligations and help achieve compliance.

How to Get Started
Your company does not need to have a register of legislation in place. EnviroSense will conduct a site assessment and identify articles of legislation your company must comply with and evaluate your companies activities to determine the extent of environmental compliance.

Please do contact us with any questions you may have or should you wish to discuss a environmental compliance audit.

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