Managing Compliance – RO & RHI Assurance Engagements

Remote RHI and RO Audits & Compliance with ISAE 3000 (Revised).

The UK Government’s latest recommendations limit the onsite verification EnviroSense can carry out but rest assured we have established appropriate remote assurance engagement procedures that can in cases, provide the opportunity of remote verification of sustainability data reported to Ofgem. 

Our understanding at this time is that Ofgem are functioning as usual and submissions of the Annual Sustainability Report is required. 

EnviroSense has developed a risk assessment procedure taking into account the requirements specified in ISAE 3000 (Revised), especially sections:

  • A53 and the risk of not obtaining the quantity or quality of records required to complete the engagement.
  • A54 and the risk of not gaining access to contact key person managing evidence at the Operator’s site.

In practical terms the EnviroSense auditor must evaluate the risks prior to accepting the assurance engagement can be performed offsite. This includes assessing the risks including:

  • difficulties in obtaining the relevant and accurate evidence remotely, 
  • difficulties in speaking with persons responsible for managing site data and reporting,
  • complexity of the Operator’s process,
  • provision of poor quality and incomplete evidence,
  • fraud, errors and misinformation,
  • insufficient knowledge and competence of staff (new installations),
  • historic performance with regards to RHI / RO compliance.

Following an initial risk assessment, EnviroSense can then request specific evidence from the Operator to evaluate. If the evidence provided is complete, accurate and relevant, EnviroSense can agree to perform the engagement with the Operator’s approval and the workers involved, and in this people are working remotely then tracking remote workers is essential so be sure that the project is working perfectly.

We shall need to agree arrangements to verify aspects of data via Skype, calls or potentially with the provision of further documentary evidence.

Technical Manager

Rafal Andruszkiewicz has joined EnviroSense

We are very pleased to announce that Rafal
has joined us as a Technical Manager.

Rafal will work with our sustainability team to develop and deliver services to the customers. He has more than ten years’ experience in managing stakeholder-focused sustainable product certification across various industries: timber, paper, biomass, palm oil, food. He worked previously as a subject matter expert for two certification bodies (Control Union and BM TRADA) managing sustainability schemes and for standard-setting organisation Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP).

Rafal Andruszkiewicz
Mobile: +44 (0) 7495 748770
Office: +44 (0) 1531 637396
Skype: rafalandrusz

Name change: EnviroSense (International) Limited

We are delighted to announce that we have undergone a company name change from Envirosense Consulting Limited to Envirosense (International) Limited.

‘EnviroSense (International) Limited’ better reflects the variety of different services that we as a company can offer our valued customers, many of which are in Europe.  EnviroSense works with a number of programs, one of which delivers upstream auditing in Central Africa. The name change reflects that varied advisory, audit, assurance engagements and verification work we conduct internationally, in our offices where we have the best equipment to work, from computers to chairs which we found at sites like technomono online.

Our correspondence/registered address, banking information, company registration number and VAT number remain unchanged.

Please do amend your records to reflect the change in our registered name only.

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