RHI and RO Ofgem Sustainability Audit

The RHI Ofgem sustainability audit is required annually though some installations may be fortunate enough to not have to report until mid-July 2017.

It has become evident that many companies still have not planned the Ofgem sustainability audit, mostly in the case of the RHI. The RHI audit guidance may not be expressively clear when the sustainability audit report is due. In summary, this is one year from the RHI accreditation date covering the preceding twelve months. The audit report must be submitted to Ofgem within a maximum of three months after the annual accreditation date. The audit must be conducted by an independent third-party that is competent and experienced to perform the audit in accordance with the ISAE 3000 (Revised) standard.

The sustainability criteria are the same for the RO as the RHI. The sustainability criteria consist of the land criteria and the greenhouse gas emissions. The major difference being the limit of carbon dioxide equivalent for heat generation under the RHI is 34.8 MJ / CO2e.

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Ofgem RO sustainability guidance

Ofgem RHI sustainability guidance

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