RHI Accreditation & 2 Year’s of Sustainability Auditing

Numerous heat installations have gained accreditation from Ofgem recently two years or more since their RHI application. It transpires that this situation is not unusual. Ofgem has a limited resources to process numerous applications, some being speculative, hence the RHI 2018 Provisional Tariff Guarantee application process.

In cases where two year’s of sustainability data has been accumulated this can be addressed within one single audit onsite and two separate sustainability reports to fulfil the obligation of reporting annually.

We suggest Operators of installations engage with audit firms several months in advance of any Ofgem submission deadline for their first planned submission of the sustainability audit report. The deadline was originally intended to be three months after the end of the year of the accreditation date though in practice this may result in an ISAE 3000 assurance engagement addressing two year’s worth of sustainability data reported to Ofgem.

For further information on the sustainability criteria, contact us, or if you wish, further information is here

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