RHI Sustainability Criteria – New Requirements 5th October 2015


New sustainability requirements for fuel used in installations claiming the Renewables Heat Incentive (RHI) apply from the 5th October 2015. Similarly to the RO, the requirements apply to two sustainability criteria; greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and land criteria. The date of the 5th October is the mandatory date for fuels used by the installation to comply with these new RHI sustainability requirements and failure to evidence fuels used after the 5th October can ultimately lead to RHI payments being held or revoked. This is a situation that can be avoided.

To lessen the burden for business, the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) was created, which is ironically quite a burden to enable registration within prompt timescales. Fuels sourced from the BSL comply. Unfortunately this is not an option for CHP and biogas installations, which have to self-report against the new requirements.

Additionally, biomass and biogas installations 1MWth and above must provide an annual sustainability report that is undertaken by a party that is experienced, qualified and completely independent to the installation.

If your CHP installation is 1MW or above and your installation is accredited to the RO and the independent audit report has been accepted by Ofgem, the RHI requirements have been met. This approach by Ofgem prevents additional cost and another audit.

Please contact us for further information to discuss the new sustainability requirements and when the submission of the audit report must be submitted to Ofgem.

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